The most successful selling tool in the world, has been and always will be … a human being.

A professional spokesperson on your website can increase conversion rates by as much as 300%.

No amount of flashy ads, pictures, or impressive animation is going to replace the connection a spokesperson can have with a potential customer.

Since much consumer activity has gone online, selling has become very impersonal. Utilizing a virtual spokesperson to connect with visitors while informing them about the company’s products and service is the closest you will get to face-to-face customer service experience.

Viewers relate much better to people then they do to text or images. A spokesperson acts as a salesperson and delivers the necessary information on the site 24/7. They have the ability to engage the viewer, drive sales, and encourage a call to action to click a button or fill out a form.

A web video featuring a professional spokesperson is considered the highest end of a web commercial. Such videos supplied with graphics, animation, and sound can be a very effective marketing tool.


Click on the thumbnail images below to audition and select your professional spokesperson.

Talking Person - Joe Talking Person - Stacy Talking Person - Todd
Talking Person - Anna Talking Person - Erim Talking Person - Bridgette
Talking Person - Bryan Talking Person - Diana

If you do not see an actor below that fits your needs, please contact us. We have access to hundreds of professional web actors and web actresses.

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